About Us

Fortune International School


FORTUNE International School is one of the top most demonstration speech examples progressive schools in the Shekhawati Region. Established and managed by SKS Memorial Charitable Trust that spearheads the activities of the Fortune Group of Companies Delhi & Mumbai. The school Owes its inception to the profound vision of its Founder. His dynamic educational philosophy and passion for providing quality
education and developing human capital.
We at FORTUNE are committed to providing a progressive education system that steers the holistic education of a child. While we strive to groom our students to enable them to turn into excellent professionals and achievers, we also aims to nurture them as ethical individuals with a deep understanding and regards for human values.
The school represents the transformation of education globally. Driven by latest research, the school uses innovative teaching methodology with special emphasis on extra-curricular activities, sports and communication skills. Values from an intrinsic part of the curriculum. We strive towards building a positive attitude in our students and encourage them to appreciate diversity. Familiarizing the students with our rich and varied heritage, they are encouraged to value traditions and to do the right things exhibiting socially responsible behavior. Our
Endeavour is to transform young minds into future leaders ready to take their place under the sun.
Come let us hold hands so that we create opportunities and provide an environment for children to learn the way they best can, help them become emotionally strong, acquire skills, develop a passion and penchant for excellence in any area of their choice, so that tomorrow they stand tall, with confidence, to be seen and heard, to be counted among those who can.
We hope that each one of you will enjoy the experience and chiefessays.net see your children growing into a good human beings.

To provide learner-centered education all students need by bridging research and action, stated goals and policy, and perception and reality that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and which supports their all-round development. through discovering the joy of learning, awaking and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways, and instilling abiding values in themselves.
To constantly implement best practices in education, identify areas of opportunity and seek strategies for a way forward.
In order to do so, we will be focusing on delivering on a “tri- faceted” foundation of learning
commitments, pastoral care commitments and campus commitments.