Learning Environment


For us at Fortune, the goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth, The methodology that school follows for the teaching is:
AUTHENTIC:  To draw on the learner’s strength and interests. Material and resources are drawn from and connected demonstration speech ideas for high school to real world.
INTERACTIVE:  This fosters participation and collaboration and allows the learner to interact with the real world.
LEARNER CENTERED:  This provides opportunities to learn through discovery which helps the learners to be the creators, thinkers and problem solver. This also includes the learner in the development of lesson and assessment process.
CONTINUOUS:  Provides the learner an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a more holistic way. It builds on a variety of disciplines and learning environment.
PROCESS FOCUSED:  Subjects are taught as ways of thinking which rests on intelligent.
BEHAVIORS:  It helps the learner to apply thinking models and diverse strategies and develops communication capacity.
INTEGRATED:  Teacher national consciousness and orientation in relation to India.

Classrooms:  The school offers large, cheerful, classrooms infused with natural light. Furniture and storage have been designed to suit children needs.
Audio Visual Hall:  The audin-visual hall is fitted with equipment that allow student to watch films, make presentation, the use technology for interaction. The room has a capacity to seat at least two sections at a time, which allows children to interact and collaborate with peers of other sections.
Art and Craft Room:  This room is fitted with creatively designed furniture and abundance of all kinds of materials to motivate the children to experiment, explore, and create.
Musicroom:  The school offers both traditional and contemporary music forms. Children are given an opportunity to explore all kinds of musical instruments.
Dance and Yoga Room: Yoga becomes a way of life for children at a very young age. They are introduced to yoga in a dedicated area which is peaceful and serene.
Play Field: Sports is an integral part of the curriculum at FORTUNE. The school offerschiefessays.net a wide range of sporting activities.

Our unique and all-rounded curriculum ensures that our students are encouraged in pursuing their interests. We expose students to multiple curricular as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, music & dance, speech & drama, and creative writing. This helps the student in choosing a field to excel in based on their interest level.

Fortune will have pre-scheduled workshops with the parents that will cover various topics such as child development, child nutrition and health.

Every teacher spends 2 hours on a weekday & a full day on Saturday on developmental work which includes meeting with academic advisors, customized academic training modules, child psychology workshops. In addition, the teachers have a Professional Development program every three months to ensure they stay updated with the most innovative teaching methods and tools.

The institution utilizes a feedback loop from parents, teachers and students. The school also undergoes a half yearly internal evaluation by our Advisory Board, which consists of experts from various fields, to ensure continuous improvement.